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Living Maps

Adam Dant
This curious collection of maps explores the unique personalities of 28 cities around the ...
33,95 €
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How to Say I Love You in (Almost) Every Language

This is the perfect book for romantics, language nerds, travel enthusiasts, and anyone on a ...
16,50 €
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Products that Flow

Haffmans Siem
PRODUCTS THAT FLOW is an unusual book about common things that surround us every day. ...
34,95 €
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Creativity Works!

Scientists say half the work we do could soon be done by robots. Creativity is the number one ...
17,50 €
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When the Box is the Limit

Innovators have long recognised that constraints stimulate the process of creativity and ...
27,50 €
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The Universe in Zero Words

Dana Mackenzie
The progress of humanity has often rested on proof, a law or a simple equation . It is ...
18,50 €
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Out of the Maze

Spencer Johnson
Who Moved My Cheese? offered millions of readers relief for an evergreen problem: unanticipated ...
12,50 €
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Nicholas Blincoe
The town of Bethlehem carries so many layers of meaning--some ancient, some mythical, some ...
14,50 €
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Literary Landscapes

Some stories couldn't happen just anywhere or any time - often the scenery , landscape or era ...
31,50 €
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Angkor and the Khmer Civilization

Michael D. Coe, Damian Evans
The ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia has fascinated scholars and visitors alike since its ...
31,50 €
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Reading the Rocks

Brenda Maddox
A SUNDAY TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR 2017 A rich and exuberant group biography of the first ...
13,50 €
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Oren Harman
We may no longer think that the world was hatched from an egg, as the ancient Chinese did, or ...
23,50 €
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Golden Ratio

Gary B. Meisner
From the pyramids of Giza, to quasicrystals, to the proportions of the human face, the golden ...
24,95 €
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Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism

Kristen Ghodsee
Kristen Ghodsee's Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism explains why capitalism is uniquely ...
15,50 €
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Edward de Bono
Think, don't fight. In today's world we use an out of date thinking system to navigate our way ...
15,50 €
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The Contagious Commandments

Paul Kemp-Robertson, Chris Barth
Contagion may alarm doctors but marketers thrive on it. Some concepts are so compelling you ...
18,95 €
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Penguin Classics: In Search of the Best Books Ever Written

Henry Eliot
THE PENGUIN CLASSICS BOOK is a reader's companion to the largest library of classic literature ...
32,50 €
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Japan Story

Christopher Harding
This is a fresh and surprising account of Japan's culture from the 'opening up' of the country ...
27,50 €
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The Literary Book of Answers

Carol Bolt
An updated, repackaged edition of the bestselling divination tool and party favorite - ask a ...
22,95 €
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Capitalism in America

Alan Greenspan, Adrian Wooldridge
Where does innovation come from, and how does it spread through a society? And why do some eras ...
27,50 €
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The Eastern Front 1941-44

James Holland
Part of the Ladybird Expert History of the Second World War series, The Eastern Front ...
10,50 €
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Eric Kaufmann
Whiteshift tells the most important political story of the 21st century: how demographic change ...
27,50 €
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The Infographic Bible

Karen Sawrey
Ancient scriptures from the most popular book of all time, revolutionised to reveal its themes ...
24,95 €
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The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad In A Global World

Maya Jasanoff
SHORTLISTED FOR THE JAMES TAIT BLACK BIOGRAPHY PRIZE `Enlightening, compassionate, superb' John ...
12,95 €
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1001 Quotations to inspire you before you die

Robert Arp
1001 Quotations To Inspire You Before You Die is full of smart remarks - not just sassy ...
24,95 €
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1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think

Robert Arp
1001 Ideas That Changed The Way We Think is a comprehensive guide to the most interesting and ...
24,95 €
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1001 Wines You Must Try Before You Die

Neil Beckett
Among the thousands of great wines on the market, which should you try at least once in your ...
24,95 €
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The Power and the Story

John Lloyd
From Murdoch's media empire to Trump's 'fake news', John Lloyd explodes the myths and ...
16,95 €
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The Earth is Weeping

Peter Cozzens
Sunday Times' Best History Books of 2017Winner of the Gilder Lehrman Prize for Military ...
14,95 €
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Million Dollar Maths

Hugh Barker
How can you turn $1000 into $1 million? What is the best way to beat the lottery odds? When is ...
15,95 €
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