The Art of Losing Control

Jules Evans
Since the Enlightenment, western culture has written off ecstatic experience as a form of ...
13,95 €
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Dear Zealots: Letters from a Divided Land

Amos Oz
'Concise, evocative....DEAR ZEALOTS is not just a brilliant book of thoughts and ideas--it is a ...
13,95 €
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What Are You Doing With Your Life

J. Krishnamurti
`One of the greatest thinkers of the age' The Dalai Lama 'One of the five saints of the 20th ...
12,95 €
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A Call for Revolution

Dalai Lama, Sofia Stril-Rever
A small book with a very large message. In this impassioned, eloquent manifesto for the future ...
7,95 €
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Our Father: Reflections on the Lords Prayer

Pope Francis
Discover what The Lord's Prayer really means, reinterpreted for a modern audienceIn this new ...
12,95 €
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Be Like the Fox

Erica Benner
'A ripping read ... fascinating, charming, enjoyably unorthodox' Daily TelegraphWas Niccolo ...
12,50 €
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From Bacteria to Bach and Back

Daniel C. Dennett
'Required reading for anyone remotely curious about how they came to be remotely curious' ...
12,50 €
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The Way of the Strangers

Graeme Wood
'Gripping ... revelatory ... unrivalled' Tom Holland, New Statesman'From Mosul to Melbourne, ...
13,50 €
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The Courage of Hopelessness

Slavoj Žižek
The maverick philosopher returns to explore today's idealogical, political and economic ...
12,50 €
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Riot Days

Maria Alyokhina
From activist, Pussy Riot member and freedom fighter Maria Alyokhina, a raw, hallucinatory, ...
11,50 €
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Things You Can Only See When You Slow Down

Haemin Sunim
11,50 €
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The Problem that Has No Name

Betty Friedan
What if she isn't happy - does she think men are happy in this world? Doesn't she know how ...
2,50 €
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Seven Types of Atheism

John Gray
A meditation on the importance of atheism in the modern world - and its inadequacies and ...
21,95 €
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John D. Caputo
Is anything ever not an interpretation? Does interpretation go all the way down? Is there ...
11,50 €
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Skin in the Game

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The bestselling author of The Black Swan and 'the hottest thinker in the world' (Sunday Times) ...
18,50 €
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Enlightenment Now

Steven Pinker
One of the world's greatest contemporary thinkers and author of The Better Angels of Our ...
18,50 €
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Misogynation: The True Scale Of Sexism

Laura Bates
'Following [Everyday Sexism] will make most women feel oddly saner.' Caitlin Moran 'Piercingly ...
15,95 €
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Utopia for Realists

Rutger Bregman
In Utopia for Realists, Rutger Bregman shows that we can construct a society with visionary ...
12,50 €
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Superintelligence : Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Nick Bostrom
The human brain has some capabilities that the brains of other animals lack. It is to these ...
25,50 €
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Stand Firm

Svend Brinkmann
The pace of modern life is accelerating. To keep up, we must keep on moving and adapting ...
19,50 €
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Religion for Atheists

Alain de Botton
Alain de Botton's Religion for Atheists looks at the God debate with fresh eyesAll of us, ...
14,50 €
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A Monks Guide to a Clean House and Mind

Shoukei Matsumoto
Cleanliness is next to enlightenment. In this Japanese bestseller a Buddhist monk explains ...
8,50 €
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Fire and Fury

Michael Wolff
With extraordinary access to the Trump White House, Michael Wolff tells the inside story of ...
16,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Urban Rage

Mustafa Dikec
A timely and incisive examination of contemporary urban unrest that explains why riots will ...
24,95 €
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Forgotten Continent

Michael Reid
Ten years after its first publication, Michael Reid's best-selling survey of the state of ...
36,95 €
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John Onians
Exploring the writings of major thinkers (among them Montesquieu, Burke, Kant, Marx, and ...
24,95 €
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How To Be Gay

David M. Halperin
A pioneer of LGBTQ studies dares to suggest that gayness is a way of being that gay men must ...
19,95 €
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Diogenes the Dog-Man

Yan Marchand
At its most basic, philosophy is about learning how to think about the world around us. It ...
13,95 €
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Social Theory Now

Claudio E. Benzecry, Monika Krause, Isaac Ariail Reed
The landscape of social theory has changed significantly over the three decades since the ...
27,95 €
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Peter Cryle
The concept of normal is so familiar that it can be hard to imagine contemporary life without ...
39,50 €
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