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Juxtapoz Car Culture

Leave it to Juxtapoz to fully cram the best artists from the hot rod, low rider, and kustom ...
34,95 €
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World of Beryl Cook

Jess Wilder, Jerome Sans
Plump ladies at lunch; girls on a night out; shopping in the mall: for over fourty years Beryl ...
26,95 €
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Extraordinary Records va

Giorgio Moroder, Alessandro Benedetti
This original collection features the most remarkable vinyl artifacts ever produced: a ...
33,95 €
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20th Century Cars ju

Phil Patton
Henry Ford jump-started the age of the automobile with the first assembly-line car in 1908: the ...
33,95 €
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Signs 25 va

This book features an amusing collection of signs from around the world. Divided into chapters ...
11,55 €
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Koons Jeff trade edition ju

Ingrid Sischy, Eckhard schneider, Katy Siegel
Which living artists keep their price? Who will be regarded as an investment 30 years from now? ...
54,95 €
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In the Land of Retinal Delights

Since 1994, Juxtapoz Magazine, published in San Francisco, has provided a forum for so called ...
34,95 €
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Garden of Eye Candy

Between the boundaries of fine and popular art and high and low culture, reside id-driven ...
45,95 €
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Paris Street Art

Romuald Stivine, Vito Del Forte
Next to New York and London, Paris has always been a major destination for street artists and ...
13,99 €
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Berlin Street Art

Sven Zimmermann
Over the past few years there has been a resurgence of interest in street art as a genre of ...
16,56 €
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We Come at Night

A cunning group of street artists is appropriating public spaces with astonishing artistic ...
39,50 €
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Cult Masterpieces

Dirk Alt, Birgit Niefanger
A combination of beautiful design, a toch of exclusiveness and a unique history turn a normal ...
45,00 €
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Survivors Tribes around the World

Hendrik Neubauer
The here and now of selected ethnic groups is put under the microscope...Which abilities ...
38,17 €
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Detective Magazines va

Dian Hanson, Eric Godtland
At the height of the Jazz Age, when Prohibition was turning ordinary citizens into criminals ...
33,16 €
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Welcome to Britain

The Caravan Gallery is a mobile exhibition venue and visual arts project run by artists Jan ...
19,88 €
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U2 by U2

Neil McCormick
"I always thought the job was to be as great as you could be." -- Bono This is the story of U2, ...
12,25 €
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Pot Culture

Shirley Halperin, Steve Bloom
Written by the editors of "US Weekly" and "High Times", this work offers exhaustive lists of ...
16,56 €
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China portrait

This book brings together a vast selection of images by Chinese photographers since 1949, ...
41,49 €
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Chinesse Propaganda Posters 25 gr

With his smooth, warm, red face which radiated light in all directions, Chairman Mao Zedong was ...
11,58 €
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Punk culture is nomadic; the punk house is the outpost.The 'punkhouse' may come in any number ...
24,86 €
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My Life Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro
For years people have tried to persuade the leader of the Cuban Revolution to tell his own life ...
29,54 €
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Family Lifestyle Home

Anita Kaushal
Far more than just an interiors book, Family Lifestyle HOME is a bible for living with children ...
29,95 €
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Bunker Spreckels va

The tale of Bunker Spreckels (1949–1977) reads like a pitch for a movie to rival Boogie Nights: ...
38,17 €
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Tiki Modern va

Sven A. Kirsten
TASCHEN's Book of Tiki provided the blueprint for the re-appreciation and revival of Tiki ...
38,17 €
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Jazz Images

Lee Tanner
The Jazz Image: Masters of Jazz Photography" has been carefully culled by Lee Tanner, the ...
52,78 €
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Rolling Stones 365 Days

Wells Simon
Covers various aspects of the Stones' story, including the band's private lives, drug busts, ...
41,49 €
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1001 Albums to Hear before You Die

Robert Dimery
If you thought you knew your music this will make you think again. 1001 Albums is more than a ...
46,14 €
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1000 Films to Change

Twenty-four frames a second, 100 heartbeats a minute, a dozen emotional highs an hour - and ...
16,56 €
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Rolling Stones : In the Beginning

From March 1965 to May 1966, photographer Bent Rej enjoyed unique access to The Rolling Stones, ...
79,33 €
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Scar Tissue

Anthony Kiedis
In SCAR TISSUE Anthony Kiedis, charismatic and highly articulate frontman of the Red Hot Chili ...
12,99 €
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