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Happening 2: Design for Events

Sarah de Boer-Schultz
This inspiring book is a visual feast of 100+ global event designs which is a must for brand ...
87,95 €
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Studio 44: Complete Works

Oleg Yavein, Aaron Betsky
Studio 44 Architects is one of the largest private architectural firms in St. Petersburg and in ...
65,95 €
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The New Pavilions

Philip Jodidio
Tents, bandstands, displays, places for sitting, listening, seeing and being seen... Pavilions ...
36,50 €
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Cool Off! The Pool Book

Sibylle Kramer
When water becomes an object of architecture... Water is probably the most diverse and ...
51,50 €
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Architectural Travel Jewels: Lodgings for Design Enthusiasts

Sibylle Kramer
The combination of architecture and vacations is highly inspiring. It promises relaxation and ...
36,95 €
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Pallets 3.0. : Remodeled, Reused, Recycled: Architecture + Design

Chris van Uffelen
Pallets are a universal symbol of the globalized world. The properties of this transport ...
58,50 €
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Green, Greener, Greenest: Facades, Roof, Indoors

Chris van Uffelen
With the advent of increased environmental awareness in all areas of life, and the associated ...
43,95 €
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The sub/Urban Idea: From Terraced Houses to Residential Estates

Lisa Baker
As the Pet Shop Boys already said: Where the suburbs met utopia Since 2008, for the first time ...
58,50 €
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Tiny Houses in the City

Mimi Zeiger
How we live in cities-smaller, denser, smarter-is at the heart of Tiny Houses in the City. ...
30,50 €
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Lives of the Artists, Lives of the Architects

Hans Ulrich Obrist
From world-renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lives of the Artists, Lives of the Architects ...
15,99 €
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Cabin Porn

Zach Klein, Steven Leckart
'Addictive ... a charter for wistfulness' Observer 'An enchanting rabbit hole of handmade ...
13,99 €
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Dream Treehouses

Alain Laurens, Daniel Dufour, Ghislain Andre, Jacques Delacroix
French design company La Cabane Perchée presents 40 extraordinary treehouses designed and built ...
42,50 €
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150 Best House Ideas

Ana G. Canizares
New ideas on how to design, build, and decorate a home are always of essential value to ...
25,95 €
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Sanahuja & Partners : Architecture from the Mediterranean

Ana Sanahuja
An illustrated monograph celebrating the work of Jaime Sanahuja's architecture studio, ...
27,50 €
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Francesc Rife : Architecture, Interiors and Commercial Spaces

Mireia Casanovas
The third illustrated monograph from Loft Publications celebrating the very latest work of the ...
26,50 €
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Prototyping for Architects

Mark Burry, Jane Burry
Prototyping is an essential part of the designer’s repertoire. Designers prototype their ...
48,50 €
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CMF Design

Liliana Becerra
CMF Design focuses on general key fundamental principles and processes of the use of colours, ...
34,95 €
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Infinite Space

James Silverman, R Klanten
This book is a dazzling compilation of dream houses with a view, photographed by James ...
54,00 €
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100 Contemporary Houses

Philip Jodidio
Designing private residences has its own very special challenges and nuances for the architect. ...
17,95 €
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Tale of Tomorrow

The retro-futuristic epoch is one of the most visually spectacular in architecture's history. ...
65,00 €
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The Fast Guide to Architectural Form

Baires Raffaelli
Research, in almost every field of human knowledge, has practical goals, but while in ...
15,50 €
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Anna Yudina
Light makes an architectural space livable, shapes it and guides us within it. The role of ...
44,95 €
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A Japanese Constellation

Pedro Gadanho, Phoebe Springstubb
Published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, A Japanese ...
53,00 €
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The Grammar of Ornament

Owen Jones
First published in 1856, The Grammar of Ornament remains a design classic. As Owen Jones, its ...
34,95 €
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Will Pryce
This totally original architecture book – the first ever comprehensive study of brick – follows ...
34,95 €
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Architecture in Wood

Will Pryce
Wood has unique qualities, yet is undervalued or ignored in histories of architecture. However, ...
34,95 €
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Small Apartment Inspirations

19,95 €
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Mini Homes

19,95 €
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Low Budget Houses

19,95 €
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