Grafický dizajn

Street Fonts

Claudia Walde
Classic graffiti lettering and experimental typographical forms lie at the heart of street ...
23,95 €
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Quick Guide to Design Thinking

Ida Engholm
Design thinking is an increasingly widespread approach. In recent years it has been launched as ...
24,95 €
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Control Chaos

PHUNK is a contemporary art and design collective based in Singapore. Founded in 1994 by Alvin ...
43,95 €
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Citizen First, Designer Second

Rejane Dal Bello
After a career of more than 20 years spanning four countries, globally-renowned graphic ...
24,95 €
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TTT: Tattoo

Maxime Plescia-Buchi, Nick Schonberger
Over the past decade, tattoos have become one of the most popular forms of visual culture in ...
61,50 €
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Good by Design

The world today can be an infinitely better place. With the increasing amount of issues ...
37,95 €
august 2021 (predobjednávka)


Rex Koo
37,95 €
september 2021 (predobjednávka)

PALETTE mini 06: Transparent

Since it was first released, the original PALETTE series has been an instrumental source of ...
24,95 €
júl 2021 (predobjednávka)

PALETTE mini 07: Monotone

Since it was first released, the original PALETTE series has been an instrumental source of ...
24,95 €
júl 2021 (predobjednávka)

PALETTE mini 08: Iridescent

Since it was first released, the original PALETTE series has been an instrumental source of ...
24,95 €
júl 2021 (predobjednávka)

Marimekko: The Art of Printmaking

Marimekko, Laird Borrelli-Persson
Finnish for 'Mary's dress', Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia. Going against the ...
62,95 €
máj 2021 (predobjednávka)

Truth Is Beautiful

David McCandless
In this fascinating follow-up to the bestselling Information is Beautiful and Knowledge is ...
29,95 €
august 2021 (predobjednávka)

Designing Orientation: Signage Concepts & Wayfinding Systems

Chris van Uffelen
The purpose and primary function of wayfinding and signage design is to provide spatial ...
44,95 €
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A Book on Books

From scrolls and sheets of papyrus to elaborate and expensive codices to the mass press-printed ...
38,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Beyond Design : Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful

Renate Boere
The time has come in which graphic designers are playing an important role in rendering ever ...
16,50 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Designing Fonts: An Introduction to Professional Type Design

Chris Campe, Ulrike Rausch
Type design is often presented in either such detail-obsessed complexity that it is not ...
36,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Look Of The Book

Peter Mendelsund, David J. Alworth
Why do some book covers instantly grab your attention, while others never get a second glance? ...
50,00 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Design in Asia: The New Wave

Design Anthology
This is an overview of the top 100 leading young designers working across Asia, selected by the ...
49,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

High on Design : The New Cannabis Culture

Today, weed is en vogue and has evolved into a good-looking business. High on Design showcases ...
43,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Dreamscapes and Artificial Architecture

A journey through dreamlike landscapes, bizarre buildings, and whimsical interiors floating ...
36,50 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Jamie Hewlett

Jamie Hewlett, Julius Wiedemann
This special edition updates Jamie Hewlett’s first-ever monograph with around 30 brand new ...
24,95 €
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Happy is Up, Sad is Down : 65 Metaphors for Design

Joern Hurtienne, Diana Loeffler, Clara Husch
We think, feel, and talk in metaphors. Why not use them for design?Feeling down? Cheer up! We ...
24,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

nendo: 2016-2020

A brand-new monograph celebrating one of the most sought-after design studios working ...
125,00 €
február 2021 (predobjednávka)

How to Create Better Ideas : Connecting the Left and Right Brain in the Design Process

Joost Roozekrans
With examples ranging from Precious Plastic to the Sheltersuit, How to Create Better Ideas ...
18,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

The Poster

Gill Saunders, Margaret Timmers, Catherine Flood, Zorian Clayton
Even in the digital age, the printed poster retains an important, much-loved role in connecting ...
54,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Work Hard & Be Nice to People

Anthony Burrill
Ask More Questions, Get More AnswersDon't Be Normal, Don't Be OrdinarySay Yes More Than No!Work ...
12,50 €
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Simplicity: The Appeal of Minimalism in Graphic Design

Wang Shaoqiang
Minimalism emphasizes extreme simplicity of form. By reducing the number of graphic elements, ...
35,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Architectural Logos

Containing a wonderful selection of logos, trademarks and symbols from around the world formed ...
10,50 €
Na sklade

Palette Mini Series 05: Pastel: New light-toned graphics

PALETTE--viction:ary's best-selling colour-themed series--has been one of the most sought-after ...
24,95 €
december 2020 (predobjednávka)

Palette Mini Series 04: Neon: New fluorescent graphics

24,95 €
december 2020 (predobjednávka)

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