A Likely Lad

Peter Doherty, Simon Spence
Peter Doherty's is the last of the great rock 'n' roll stories - bad boy and public enemy. To ...
23,50 €
Na objednávku


Paul Brannigan
Arriving in California as a young boy in the early 1960s, Edward Van Halen and his brother Alex ...
14,95 €
1 Sep 2022 (predobjednávka)

You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone

Jennifer Otter Bickerdike
16,95 €
4 Aug 2022 (predobjednávka)

Faith, Hope and Carnage

Nick Cave, Sean O'Hagan
Faith, Hope and Carnage is a book about Nick Cave's inner life. Created from over forty hours ...
23,95 €
20 Sep 2022 (predobjednávka)

Major Labels

Kelefa Sanneh
From his allegiance to punk rock in his adolescence to becoming an essential voice on music and ...
16,95 €
1 Sep 2022 (predobjednávka)

The Gorillaz Art Book

Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett, Z2 Comics
The Gorillaz Art Book is here! Featuring brand new artwork by Jamie Hewlett, who has invited ...
90,00 €
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Professor Stephen Walsh
18,95 €
04.04.2019 (predobjednávka)

More Myself

Alicia Keys
In her intimate memoir, More Myself, Alicia Keys shares her quest for truth: about herself, her ...
14,50 €
15 Sep 2022 (predobjednávka)

The Musical Child

Joan Koenig
'Wonderful ... we need music in our lives now more than ever' HERBIE HANCOCK 'Joan Koenig is on ...
13,50 €
21 Jul 2022 (predobjednávka)

Paul McCartney: The Stories Behind 50 Classic Songs, 1970-2020

Mike Evans
Paul McCartney's songwriting output as a member of the Beatles, mainly with his co-writer John ...
32,95 €
Na sklade

George Michael: A Life

James Gavin
George Michael was an extravagantly gifted, openhearted soul singer whose work was both pained ...
32,95 €
Na sklade

The Storyteller

Dave Grohl
So, I've written a book. Having entertained the idea for years, and even offered a few ...
12,95 €
Na sklade

How to Listen to Jazz

Ted Gioia
In How to Listen to Jazz, award-winning music scholar Ted Gioia presents a lively, accessible ...
18,95 €
19.09.2017 (predobjednávka)

We Could Be

Tom Hagler
***With consultant editor Tony Visconti. 'An unearthed trove of Bowie treasure' - David ...
12,95 €
6 Jul 2023 (predobjednávka)

The Listening Party Volume 2

Tim Burgess
Sit back, relax and relive the memories of another 100 classic albums selected by Tim Burgess ...
32,95 €
3 Nov 2022 (predobjednávka)

Life Lessons from Hip-Hop

Grant Brydon
Take control of your narrative and become the best version of yourself with 50 Hip-Hop inspired ...
19,95 €
1 Sep 2022 (predobjednávka)


Alan Riding, Leslie Dunton-Downer
Experience the passion and drama of the world's greatest operas with this sumptuously ...
32,95 €
7 Jul 2022 (predobjednávka)

My Life in Dire Straits

John Illsley
With a foreword by MARK KNOPFLER'An uplifting journey through the sheer hard work, pitfalls and ...
14,50 €
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Author 117895 CS
Bono - artist, activist and the lead singer of Irish rock band U2 - has written a memoir: ...
32,95 €
01.11.2022 (predobjednávka)

How Music Works

David Byrne
How Music Works is David Byrne's bestselling, buoyant celebration of a subject he has spent a ...
21,95 €
Na sklade

The Rolling Stones 1972 50th Anniversary Edition

Amelia Davis
The year 1972 brought together two legends of rock 'n' roll at the peaks of their careers: Jim ...
41,50 €
Na sklade


A complete and harmonious history of music, from prehistory to the present day!Have you ever ...
34,95 €
Na objednávku

Lets Do It

Bob Stanley
The prequel to Bob Stanley's universally acclaimed Yeah Yeah Yeah, Let's Do It is the only book ...
20,95 €
Na sklade

Why Patti Smith Matters

Caryn Rose
Patti Smith arrived in New York City at the end of the Age of Aquarius in search of work and ...
12,95 €
Na objednávku


Ian Winwood
Money, freedom, adoring fans: professional musicians seem to have it all. But beneath the ...
18,95 €
Na sklade

Tina Turner

Tina Turner
Tina Turner has always been a glorious force to be reckoned with; for more than sixty years, ...
68,95 €
Na sklade

How to Be a Rock Star

Shaun (author) Ryder
THE TOP TEN BESTSELLER'Candid, brilliant and bizarre' Guardian'Stories about the frontman and ...
13,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

What's Good

Daniel Levin Becker
A love letter to the verbal artistry of hip-hop, What's Good is a work of passionate lyrical ...
20,95 €
Na objednávku

My Bloody Roots

Max Cavalera, Joel McIver
My Bloody Roots is the brutally honest story of life in two of the world s best-known heavy ...
18,95 €
Na objednávku

Bowie at 75

Martin Popoff
A unique and beautifully produced celebration of the iconic and beloved rock star, Bowie at 75 ...
74,95 €
Na sklade

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