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Dare to Dream

Join the UK’s hottest new boyband on their rollercoaster ride to superstardom, with the ...
9,99 €
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David Bovie is Inside

Victoria Broackes, Geoffrey Marsh
David Bowie is a pioneering artist and performer whose career has spanned nearly 50 years ...
44,50 €
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Velo 2nd Gear

Velo--2nd Gear makes abundantly clear that contemporary bicycle culture is more alive and well ...
46,00 €
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Jane Austen Guide to Modern Life`s Dilemmas

Rebecca Smith
Jane Austen is more of a celebrity and media queen now than she was in her lifetime. If ...
16,50 €
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33 Revolutions Per Home

Dorian Lynskey
33 Revolutions Per Minute tracks the turbulent relationship between popular music and ...
15,99 €
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Golden Age of DC Comics

Paul Levitz
In June of 1938, Action Comics debuted with a new kind of comic book character on its ...
43,95 €
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Iron Man

Tony Iommi
The name 'Tony Iommi' sends shivers down the spines of guitarists around the world. As ...
10,99 €
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Brian J. Robb
Simultaneously a literary movement, ultra-hip subculture and burgeoning cottage industry, ...
37,50 €
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Ink on Skin

Birquit Krols
This beautifully illustrated and luxuriously packaged volume sheds interesting new light ...
75,00 €
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John Lennon Letters

John Lennon was a writer as well as a musician. It was entirely natural for him to put pen to ...
33,95 €
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True Adventures Rolling Stones

Stanley Booth
'Sounding like one instrument, a wild whirling bagpipe, the Stones chugged to a halt. But ...
15,00 €
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Rock`n`Roll Myths

Daniel Durchholz, Gary Graff
It's perhaps the relative modernity of rock 'n' roll that makes the genre a minefield of ...
19,99 €
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Rolling Stones

On Thursday 12 July 1962 the Rolling Stones went on stage at the Marquee Club in London’s ...
41,99 €
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Advertising from the Mad Men Era 25

Jim Heimann, Steven Heller
Gleaned from thousands of images, this companion set of books offers the best of American print ...
43,95 €
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American Pin Up T25

Charles G. Martignette, Louis K. Meisel
hey've been exciting generations of men, on calendars and covers, as centrefolds or even on ...
16,99 €
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Metallica: Enter Night

Mick Wall
Alongside contemporaries Slayer, Megadeath and Anthrax, Metallica came to prominence in the ...
21,99 €
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Pearl Jam Twenty

One of the key bands of the Seattle-based grunge movement of the 1990s, Pearl Jam broke on to ...
33,99 €
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Dylan`s Vision of Sin

Christopher Ricks
'I consider myself a poet first and a musician second' 'It ain't the melodies that're important ...
16,99 €
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Keith Richards
With the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the riffs, the lyrics and the songs that roused ...
9,99 €
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Bob Dylan
Written in 1966, 'Tarantula' is a collection of poems and prose that evokes the turbulence of ...
9,99 €
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Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide

S. J. Chambers, Jeff VanderMeer
Over the past fifteen years, Steampunk - a mash-up of Victorian and sci-fi aesthetics with a ...
19,99 €
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Keith Richards
With the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the riffs, the lyrics and the songs that roused ...
22,95 €
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Stranger Music

Leonard Cohen
When his fist album was released in 1967, Leonard Cohen was already well known in his native ...
15,95 €
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75 Years DC Comics xl

Paul Levitz
In 1935, DC Comics founder Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson published New Fun No. 1, the first ...
165,00 €
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Just Kids

Patti Smith
A prelude to fame, Just Kids recounts the friendship of two young artists--Patti Smith and ...
10,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

1001 Videogames

Tony Mott
In fewer than fifty years video games have become one of the most popular forms of ...
26,95 €
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Funk and Soul covers

Joaquim Paulo, Julius Wiedemann
Following the success of Jazz Covers, this volume features over 500 legendary covers from the ...
33,95 €
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Lifestyle Illustration 60s

Rian Hughes
"Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s" is a stunning survey of magazine artwork from the Swinging ...
32,95 €
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Too Young to Die

Birgit Krols
A star is dead - a legend is born! When death strikes unexpectedly and unfulfilled promise is ...
29,95 €
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Urban Interventions

Robert Klanten
Evolving from graffiti and street art, urban interventions are the next generation of artwork ...
49,95 €
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