Take the Slow Road: France

Martin Dorey
Forget hurrying. Forget putting your foot down and racing through sweeping bends. Forget the ...
23,50 €
máj 2021 (predobjednávka)

The Monocle Book of Italy

Following the success of The Monocle Book of Japan, Monocle's latest book is a celebration of ...
56,95 €
marec 2021 (predobjednávka)

Discover France in 100 Destinations

Franck Ferrand
Twelve thematic chapters dedicated to the places that define the soul of France offer readers ...
18,95 €
marec 2021 (predobjednávka)

The Gardens of Mars

John Gimlette
A journey - both historical and contemporary - among the fantastical landscapes, beguiling ...
33,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Great Escape Mediterranean

43,95 €
Na sklade

A Day at Château de Chantilly

Adrien Goetz, Mathieu Deldicque
A comprehensive tour of the magnificent Château de Chantilly, its superlative art collection, ...
28,95 €
Na sklade

NYT Explorer. 100 Trips Around the World

Barbara Ireland
Whether it’s a culinary adventure in Mexico City, a meditative train ride through Siberia, or ...
32,95 €
november 2020 (predobjednávka)

Unforgettable Journeys

Discover the joys of slow travel. It's the journey, not the destination, so the saying goes, ...
31,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Do You Read Me : Bookshops Around the World

Lose yourself in the pages of this showcase of some of the most beautiful, innovative, and ...
43,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Wanderlust Europe : The Great European Hike

From the temperate climes of the Spanish islands, over the Nordic fjords, and to the summit of ...
43,95 €
Na sklade

Family Adventures : Exploring the World with Children

These are real-life tales of moms and dads braving the unavoidable struggles of travel--flight ...
43,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Nordic Cycle : Bicycle Adventures in the North

Ride through the fairytale-like snowy plains of Greenland and trailblaze across majestic Nordic ...
32,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Great Yoga Retreats

Angelika Taschen
Looking for a vacation that leaves you relaxed and uplifted? Find soul-soothing inspiration ...
43,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

The Green Edit: Travel

Juliet Kinsman
Explore the world and satisfy your wanderlust in the most eco-friendly way. How can we lessen ...
12,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Makers Paris: The Artists, Artisans, and Iconoclasts Shaping the City

Carrie Solomon, Kate Van Den Boogert
This inspirational guide introduces you to the locals behind thirty-five of Paris's unique ...
36,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

For the Love of Europe

Rick Steves
After 40+ years of writing about Europe, Rick Steves has gathered 100 of his favorite articles ...
23,95 €
Na sklade

The New Paris

Lindsey Tramuta, Charissa Fay
The city long-adored for its medieval vestiges, old-timey brasseries, and corner cafes has even ...
25,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Mud and Stars

Sara Wheeler
A wonderfully original book about contemporary Russia as seen on journeys in search of Pushkin, ...
12,50 €
Na sklade

Great Cities Through Travellers Eyes

Throughout history, intrepid men and women have related their experiences and perceptions of ...
16,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

The Monocle Book of Japan

Tyler Brule, Andrew Tuck, Fiona Wilson, Joe Pickard
The Monocle team celebrates the endlessly fascinating and culturally rich country of Japan. ...
54,95 €
Na sklade

Dont be a Tourist in Paris

Vanessa Grall
This is the ultimate bible to Paris unknown. If you want to see Paris like it is in the movies, ...
31,95 €
Na sklade

The Age of Islands

Alastair Bonnett
New islands are being built at an unprecedented rate whether for tourism or territorial ...
16,50 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Be Well : New Spa and Bath Culture and the Art of Being Well

A showcase of the current culture and architecture, protagonists and ideas, and treatments and ...
43,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Dont be a Tourist in New York

Vanessa Grall
This book invites you to travel in a way that tourists rarely do, whether you're a lifelong New ...
31,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

New Map France

Herbert Ypma
Today's discerning traveller is looking not merely for luxury but for a unique experience. But ...
38,95 €
Na sklade

On Trails : An Exploration

Robert Moor
A strikingly original debut from a tremendous new talent, Robert Moor explores how trails help ...
13,50 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Where to Go When The Worlds Best Destinations

Dreaming of your next adventure? Showcasing the most amazing places in the world and the best ...
24,50 €
Momentálne nedostupné


Erling Kagge
11,50 €
Momentálne nedostupné

Vegan Travel Handbook 1

Whether you've been vegan for years or are travelling as one for the first time, The Vegan ...
16,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné


Marcel Krueger
As much shaped by storytelling as it is by tectonic activity, Iceland's literary heritage is ...
23,95 €
Momentálne nedostupné

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