The Monocle Book of Japan

Tyler Brule, Andrew Tuck, Fiona Wilson, Joe Pickard
The Monocle team celebrates the endlessly fascinating and culturally rich country of Japan. ...
54,95 €
Na objednávku

Dont be a Tourist in Paris

Vanessa Grall
This is the ultimate bible to Paris unknown. If you want to see Paris like it is in the movies, ...
31,95 €
Na sklade

The Age of Islands

Alastair Bonnett
New islands are being built at an unprecedented rate whether for tourism or territorial ...
16,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Be Well : New Spa and Bath Culture and the Art of Being Well

A showcase of the current culture and architecture, protagonists and ideas, and treatments and ...
43,95 €
Na sklade

Dont be a Tourist in New York

Vanessa Grall
This book invites you to travel in a way that tourists rarely do, whether you're a lifelong New ...
31,95 €
Na sklade

New Map France

Herbert Ypma
Today's discerning traveller is looking not merely for luxury but for a unique experience. But ...
38,95 €
Na sklade

On Trails : An Exploration

Robert Moor
A strikingly original debut from a tremendous new talent, Robert Moor explores how trails help ...
13,50 €
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Where to Go When The Worlds Best Destinations

Dreaming of your next adventure? Showcasing the most amazing places in the world and the best ...
24,50 €
Na sklade


Erling Kagge
11,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Vegan Travel Handbook 1

Whether you've been vegan for years or are travelling as one for the first time, The Vegan ...
16,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

For the Love of Europe

Rick Steves
After 40+ years of writing about Europe, Rick Steves has gathered 100 of his favorite articles ...
23,95 €
Pripravujeme (predobjednávka)

Do You Read Me? : Bookshops Around the World

Lose yourself in the pages of this showcase of some of the most beautiful, innovative, and ...
43,95 €
apríl 2020 (predobjednávka)


Marcel Krueger
As much shaped by storytelling as it is by tectonic activity, Iceland's literary heritage is ...
23,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Around the World in 80 Trains

Monisha Rajesh
13,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

A Day at Château de Chantilly

Adrien Goetz, Mathieu Deldicque
A comprehensive tour of the magnificent Château de Chantilly, its superlative art collection, ...
28,95 €
september 2020 (predobjednávka)

Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door

Rick Steves
You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when travelling through ...
26,99 €
Na objednávku

Great Escape Africa

43,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Europes Top 100 Masterpieces

Gene Openshaw, Rick Steves
Explore Europe's top 100 works of art with America's most trusted travel authority, Rick ...
24,99 €
Na objednávku

Great Escape Europe

Angelika Taschen
From a 150-year-old Portuguese estate to Norway’s Budsjord, last stop on one of the loneliest ...
43,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Great Escape Italy

Angelika Taschen
In Italy, art and life are entwined. This visual journey offers glimpses of rural landscapes, ...
43,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Atlas Obscura second edition

Joshua Foer
Praised as the "bestest travel guide ever" (Mary Roach) and "a joy to read and reread" (Neil ...
34,95 €
Na objednávku

Jane Austens England: A Travel Guide

Karin Quint
Walk in Jane Austen's footsteps with this unique travel guide - the first book to explore ...
19,95 €
Na objednávku

Remote Places to Stay : The Most Unique Hotels at the End of the World

Discover magical, remote locations around the world, from Africa to the Arctic, that will help ...
42,95 €
Na objednávku

Trans-Europe Express

Owen Hatherley
Over the past twenty years European cities have become the envy of the world: a Kraftwerk ...
16,50 €
Na objednávku

Great Escape Mediterranean

43,95 €
september 2019 (predobjednávka)

Literary Places

Sarah Baxter
Inspired Traveller's Guides: Literary Places takes you on an enlightening journey through the ...
18,95 €
Na objednávku

The Bucket List Places to Find Peace and Quiet

Victoria Ward
This inspiring guide is full of ideas and inspirations for travel destinations around the world ...
24,95 €
Na objednávku

The Super Cute Book of Kawaii

Marceline Smith
Live a bright, fun, rainbow-filled life with Kawaii!The Japanese word Kawaii means lovable or ...
15,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Wild London

Sam Hodges, Sophie Hodges
From the authors of London for Lovers, this is an inspiring and comprehensive guide to London's ...
18,50 €
Na objednávku

Great Cities Through Travellers Eyes

Throughout history, intrepid men and women have related their experiences and perceptions of ...
31,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

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