Dressed for a Dance in the Snow

Monika Zgustova
A poignant and unexpectedly inspirational account of women's suffering and resilience in ...
25,95 €
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Speeches That Changed the World

From calls to arms to demands for peace, and from cries of freedom to words of inspiration, ...
11,95 €
Na sklade

Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray

Sabine Hossenfelder
In this "provocative" book (New York Times), a contrarian physicist argues that her field's ...
17,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

A History of Modern Britain

Andrew Marr
A History of Modern Britain by Andrew Marr confronts head-on the victory of shopping over ...
18,95 €
Na objednávku

Surprise, Kill, Vanish

Annie Jacobsen
THE USA TODAY BESTSELLER'As fast paced as a thriller' Fred Burton, Stratfor Talks' Pen and ...
12,95 €
Na sklade

Primate Change

Vybarr Cregan-Reid
'A work of remarkable scope' - GuardianFT Best science books of 2018Primate Change has been ...
12,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Burning the Books

Richard Ovenden
Opening with the notorious bonfires of 'un-German' and Jewish literature in 1933 that offered ...
18,95 €
september 2020 (predobjednávka)

All Against All : The long Winter of 1933 and the Origins of the Second World War

Paul Jankowski
During a single winter, between November 1932 and April 1933, so much went wrong: Hitler came ...
28,95 €
Na sklade

Coffeeland: A History

Augustine Sedgewick
Coffee is one of the most valuable commodities in the history of the global economy and the ...
31,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní


Jared Diamond
In his landmark international bestsellers Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse, Jared Diamond ...
9,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Ordinary Men

Christopher R. Browning
Ordinary Men has been admired all over the world and is now published in the UK for the first ...
13,50 €
Na objednávku

The Iron Wall : Israel and the Arab World

Avi Shlaim
Avi Shlaim's The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World is the outstanding book on Israeli ...
21,95 €
Na objednávku

Travellers in the Third Reich

Julia Boyd
THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP THREE BESTSELLER; Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for History ...
13,95 €
Na objednávku

In Deep

David Rohde
Three-quarters of Americans believe that a group of unelected government and military officials ...
29,95 €
Na sklade

The Light that Failed

Ivan Krastev, Stephen Holmes
Why did the West, after winning the Cold War, lose its political balance?In the early 1990s, ...
12,95 €
Na sklade


Japan: Courts and Culture tells the story of three centuries of British royal contact with ...
59,95 €
Na objednávku

The Habsburgs

Martyn Rady
'The Habsburgs is gripping, colorful, and dramatic but also concise, scholarly, and magisterial ...
34,50 €
Na objednávku

The Kennedy Curse

James Patterson
Kennedys were always taught to win at all costs. And they did - but the costs were ...
18,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní


Antony Beevor
The Sunday Times #1 BestsellerThe great airborne battle for the bridges in 1944 by Britain's ...
11,50 €
Na sklade

Hidden Hand : Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World

Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg
Governments around the world are in the early stages of a repositioning of power, as China ...
23,95 €
Na objednávku

The Anxious Triumph

Donald Sassoon
Capitalist enterprise has existed in some form since ancient times, but the globalization and ...
18,50 €
Na objednávku

Mussolinis War

John Gooch
From an acclaimed military historian, the definitive account of Italy's experience of the ...
34,50 €
Na sklade

Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World

Philip Matyszak
The ancient world saw the birth and collapse of great civilizations. In mainstream history the ...
32,95 €
Na objednávku

Germany A Nation in its Time

Helmut Walser Smith
For nearly a century, conventional historians have depicted Germany as a rabidly nationalist ...
39,95 €
Na objednávku

War The Definitive Visual History

Follow the epic 5,000-year story of warfare - from the earliest battles to the War on Terror - ...
38,95 €
Na sklade

The History of Sexuality: 3: The Care of the Self

Michel Foucault
'Bristles with provocative insights into the tangled liaisons of sex and self' Times Higher ...
15,95 €
Na sklade

The Year 1000

Valerie Hansen
When did globalization begin? Most observers have settled on 1492, the year Columbus discovered ...
24,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Home Computers

Alex Wiltshire
Home Computers showcases the quirky and characterful beginnings of a commercial product that ...
32,95 €
Na objednávku

Rebel Women

Rosalind Miles
More than twenty-five years ago The Women's History of the World, by the brilliant historian, ...
18,95 €
Na objednávku

Putin`s People

Camilla Bartlett
'Meticulously researched and superbly written ... The Putin book that we've been waiting for.' ...
18,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

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