How to Grow Through What You Go Through

Jodie Cariss, Chance Marshall
Free yourself from self-improvement; find space for self-compassion In a world which can be ...
21,50 €
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Beyond Order

Jordan B. Peterson
The inspirational sequel to 12 RULES FOR LIFE, which has sold over 5 million copies around the ...
13,50 €
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Tim S. Grover, Shari Wenk
'Tim Grover's teachings completely changed how I approached my professional career, helping me ...
12,95 €
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The Culture Playbook

Daniel Coyle
What is great culture made of? How do you get more of it, or turn around a group that needs ...
14,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Weird Is Beautiful

Liz Marvin
Think like you've got nine brains, feel like you've got three hearts, and hug as though you ...
12,95 €
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Leadership in Turbulent Times

Doris Kearns Goodwin
In this culmination of five decades of acclaimed studies in presidential history, Doris Kearns ...
13,95 €
06.06.2019 (predobjednávka)

Poles Apart

Alison Goldsworthy
Why do people become divided?What steps can we all take to reduce hostility and bring about ...
13,95 €
2 Jun 2022 (predobjednávka)


John Cleese
____________________________We can all be more creative. John Cleese shows us how. Creativity ...
9,95 €
16 Jun 2022 (predobjednávka)

Surrounded by Narcissists

Thomas Erikson
From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Surrounded by IdiotsAre you overshadowed by the ...
12,95 €
21 Jun 2022 (predobjednávka)

What Mental Illness Really Is... (and what it isn't)

Lucy Foulkes
'A must-read... Fascinating' JO BRANDWe need to rethink the conversation around mental health - ...
12,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Desperate Remedies

Andrew Scull
'A riveting chronicle of faulty science, false promises, arrogance, greed, and shocking ...
32,50 €
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What Happened to You?

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey and renowned brain development and trauma expert, Dr Bruce Perry, discuss the ...
16,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

You've Got This

Michaela Dunbar
Pre-order now and learn how to reframe your thoughts and live your best life with this ...
21,50 €
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Am I Normal?

Sarah Chaney
A deep dive into the strange science of the 'Normal', and the roots of an anxiety-ridden modern ...
20,95 €
14 Jul 2022 (predobjednávka)

The Art of Disagreeing Well

Bo Seo
By a two-time debating world champion, a dazzling look at how arguing better can transform your ...
18,95 €
7 Jun 2022 (predobjednávka)

The Good Ancestor

Roman Krznaric
The Good Ancestor reveals six profound ways in which we can all learn to think long-term, ...
14,50 €
Na objednávku

Memento Mori

Paul Koudounaris
Memento Mori takes the reader on a ghoulish but beautiful tour of some of the world's more ...
31,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Shy and Mighty

Nadia Finer
A book for shy people of all ages who wonder how to shine in an incredibly noisy world.Shyness ...
18,95 €
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The Anxiety Solution

Chloe Brotheridge
16,50 €
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200 Words to Help you Talk about Sexuality & Gender

Kate Sloan
If you have ever felt at a disadvantage when joining in a conversation on a subject that you ...
12,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

200 Words to Help You Talk About Psychology

Michael Britt
If you have ever felt at a disadvantage when joining in a conversation on a subject that you ...
12,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Hidden Games

Moshe Hoffman, Erez Yoeli
In Hidden Games, MIT economists Moshe Hoffman and Erez Yoeli find a surprising middle ground ...
20,95 €
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The Power of Us

Jay Van Bavel, Dominic J. Packer
If you're like most people, you probably believe that your identity is stable. But in fact, ...
14,50 €
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Dangerous Minds

Dr Taj Nathan
'Exceptional . . .This thoughtful and engrossing book is as much about law as it is about ...
14,50 €
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The Pattern Seekers

Simon Baron-Cohen
'Celebrates human cognitive diversity, and is rich with empathy and psychological insight' ...
12,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Ways of Being

James Bridle
What does it mean to be intelligent? Is it something unique to humans - or do we share it with ...
25,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

Steal Like an Artist 10th Anniversary Gift Edition with a New Afterword by the Author

Austin Kleon
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of a groundbreaking book on creativity with this limited ...
24,95 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

The Biggest Number in the World

David Darling, Agnijo Banerjee
From the number of cells in our bodies to the size of the universe, big numbers have more to do ...
14,95 €
Na sklade

Simply Psychology

Grasping complex psychological ideas has never been easier. Transforming complicated ideas into ...
13,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

The Heartbeat of Trees

Peter Wohlleben
12,95 €
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