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Marvel at the wonders of the Universe, from stars and planets to black holes and nebulae, in ...
37,95 €
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The Zoologists Guide to the Galaxy

Arik Kershenbaum
DISCOVER HOW LIFE REALLY WORKS - ON EARTH AND IN SPACEWe are unprepared for the greatest ...
21,50 €
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Artificial Intelligence

Melanie Mitchell
'If you think you understand AI and all of the related issues, you don't. By the time you ...
12,95 €
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The Alignment Problem

Brian Christian
'Vital reading. This is the book on artificial intelligence we need right now.' Mike Krieger, ...
18,95 €
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Look Up: Our Story With The Stars

Sarah Cruddas
Our story with the starsMost of us have never been to space. To date, of the more than 100 ...
15,95 €
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The Hype Machine

Sinan Aral
In this brilliant smart-thinking book about the power and influence of social media, Professor ...
18,50 €
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Letters from an Astrophysicist

Neil Degrasse Tyson
INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!Join the galactic conversation on the biggest issues in the ...
12,50 €
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What Can I Do: The Truth About Climate Change And How To Fix It

Jane Fonda
A call to action from Jane Fonda, one of the most inspiring activists of our time, urging us to ...
18,50 €
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Universe: And Our Place Within It

Andrew Newsam
An awe-inspiring guide to the Cosmos - and how we exist within it.
14,95 €
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Daniel Lieberman
'Endlessly fascinating and full of surprises. Easily one of my books of the year' BILL ...
24,50 €
Dodanie do 21 dní

The Vinyl Frontier

Jonathan Scott
'Bursts with gloriously geeky detail.' The TelegraphHave you ever made someone you love a ...
14,95 €
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Tim James
'In the same light-heartedly informative spirit as his previous Elemental, Tim James gives us ...
17,50 €
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Robert Macfarlane
14,50 €
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Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse

Nina Schick
"Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse is an urgent, thoughtful and thoroughly-researched book that ...
11,50 €
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Tim Gregory
Every rock has a story tell, and none more so than those which have fallen from the sky: ...
18,50 €
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What To Expect When You're Expecting Robots

Julie Shah, Laura Major
For however smart your Roomba or Alexa might seem, historically, robots have been fairly dumb. ...
28,50 €
november 2020 (predobjednávka)

False Alarm

Bjorn Lomborg
With hurricanes battering coast lines, sea level rise threatening entire countries with ...
28,50 €
júl 2020 (predobjednávka)


Theodore Gray
The third book in Theodore Gray's bestselling Elements Trilogy, Reactions continues the journey ...
19,50 €
november 2020 (predobjednávka)

Beneath the Night

Stuart Clark
From Stone Age to space age, people have looked up at the stars and been inspired by their ...
18,95 €
október 2020 (predobjednávka)

How to Hold Animals

Toshimitsu Matsuhashi
Should you hold a mouse by its tail? A grasshopper by its leg? A butterfly by its wing? How do ...
18,50 €
október 2020 (predobjednávka)

Light in the Darkness

Heino Falcke, Jorg Romer
For readers of Stephen Hawking, a fascinating account of the universe from the perspective of ...
18,50 €
apríl 2021 (predobjednávka)


Bruce Hood
'Beautifully written and brilliantly argued, Possessed is one of the few things you really need ...
12,95 €
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Mysteries of the Quantum Universe

Thibault Damour, Mathieu Burniat
The bestselling French graphic novel about the mind-bending world of quantum physicsTake an ...
16,50 €
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How To

Randall Munroe
Randall Munroe is . . .'Nerd royalty' Ben Goldacre'Totally brilliant' Tim ...
11,95 €
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A Perfect Planet

Huw Cordey
Accompanying a major 5-part BBC series presented by David Attenborough and produced by the team ...
31,50 €
október 2020 (predobjednávka)

Sapiens Graphic Novel

Yuval Noah Harari
The first volume of the graphic adaptation of Yuval Noah Harari's global phenomenon and smash ...
21,50 €
november 2020 (predobjednávka)

The Responsible Globalist

Hassan Damluji
Today, globalism has a bad reputation. 'Citizens of the world' are depicted as recklessly ...
12,95 €
október 2020 (predobjednávka)

Making Sense

Sam Harris
"Civilization rests on a series of successful conversations." -Sam Harris Neuroscientist, ...
18,50 €
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Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality

Anne Fausto-Sterling
Is sexual identity biologically determined or a product of social convention? In this brilliant ...
21,95 €
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Can Globalization Succeed

Dena Freeman
The expansion of capitalism and neoliberal ideologies have delivered economic integration ...
16,95 €
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