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The Science of Living

Dr. Stuart Farrimond
A Sunday Times Best Seller. Explore the science behind your daily living habits and make your ...
20,95 €
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The Brain

New Scientist
Everything you need to know about your brain: an eye-opening, illustrated handbook.
31,50 €
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The Age of AI

Henry A Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, Daniel Huttenlocher
An A.I. that learned to play chess discovered moves that no human champion would have conceived ...
18,50 €
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Viral : The Search For The Origin Of Covid-19

Alina Chan, Matt Ridley
Understanding how Covid-19 started is more important than we know for the future of humankind. ...
18,50 €
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The Master Algorithm

Pedro Domingos
'Pedro Domingos demystifies machine learning and shows how wondrous and exciting the future ...
12,95 €
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The Astronaut Selection Test Book

Tim Peake
_________________________*The* puzzle book of 2018, as featured in the Times, Daily Telegraph, ...
12,95 €
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Life Force

Tony Robbins, Peter H. Diamandis
What if there were scientific solutions that could wipe out your deepest fears of falling ill, ...
21,50 €
08.02.2022 (predobjednávka)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Universe

Daniel Whiteson, Jorge Cham
You've got questions: about space, time, gravity, and the odds of meeting your older self ...
18,50 €
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The Invisible Universe

Matthew Bothwell
From the discovery of entirely new kinds of galaxies to a window into cosmic 'prehistory', ...
22,50 €
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Apollos Arrow

Nicholas A. Christakis
A piercing and scientifically grounded look at the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and ...
18,95 €
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The Night Sky Month by Month

Learn how to observe and navigate the night sky with this guide to stargazing for beginners!The ...
16,95 €
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Explore the science innovations as you have never seen them with this visual guide. From the ...
38,95 €
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The Living Planet: A Portrait Of The Earth

David Attenborough
A new, fully updated narrative edition of David Attenborough's seminal biography of our world, ...
20,50 €
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Philipp Dettmer
__________Pre-order now: The first book from the creator of the wildly popular science YouTube ...
31,50 €
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Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain

Lisa Feldman Barrett
'"I thought it might be fun for people to be able to a read a neuroscience book on the beach," ...
11,50 €
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An Answer for Everything

Delayed Gratification
What's the best book ever written?What would happen if we all stopped eating meat?What's the ...
20,50 €
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False Alarm

Bjorn Lomborg
"A very important and superbly argued book" (Matt Ridley) by bestselling "skeptical ...
17,95 €
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Covid By Numbers

David Spiegelhalter, Anthony Masters
'I couldn't imagine a better guidebook for making sense of a tragic and momentous time in our ...
12,50 €
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Sapiens Graphic Novel Volume 2

Yuval Noah Harari
The second volume of an epic, beautifully illustrated graphic history of humankind, based on ...
23,50 €
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Parag Khanna
Where will you live in 2030? Where will your children settle in 2040? What will the map of ...
18,50 €
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The Nutmegs Curse

Amitav Ghosh
'Do not miss this book' NAOMI KLEIN, author of This Changes EverythingThe history of the nutmeg ...
19,95 €
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The Universe

Andrew Cohen
Every night, above our heads, a drama of epic proportions is playing out. Diamond planets, ...
31,95 €
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Rutherford and Fry’s Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything (Abridged)

Adam Rutherford, Hannah Fry
The presenters of BBC Radio 4's flagship show, The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry, set ...
20,50 €
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Surrounded by Setbacks

Thomas Erikson
How to handle everything (and everyone) around you when all hell breaks loose, from the ...
12,95 €
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The Child Code

Danielle Dick
For the first time, The Child Code brings genetics out of the lab and onto the parent's lap, ...
18,50 €
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Philip Ball
This book offers a largely chronological illustrated guide to how the chemical elements were ...
31,50 €
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Lawrence Burns
'A fascinating hybrid. Part freewheeling history of the rise of the modern autonomous vehicle, ...
12,95 €
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Do We Have To Work

Matthew Taylor
Work allows us to pay the bills. The practical and conceptual divide between work and leisure ...
16,50 €
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Life as We Made it

Beth Shapiro
From the very first dog to glowing fish and designer pigs - the human history of remaking ...
22,50 €
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System Error

Jeremy Weinstein, Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami
Read this if you want to understand how to shape our technological future and reinvigorate ...
18,50 €
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